Listen to: Podcasting and Darwells

This was a fun assignment for me. I once did a type of podcast/study guide for my brother by weaving music in and out of really really really boring stuff.. they loved it and made a great grade on their paper. This is kind of the same idea except the content isn’t boring and neither is the music. Its just fun and a fun assignment.

Podcasting, when used correctly has the ability to be a game changing technology in classrooms and training campaigns. You are able to let your “students” learn and immerse themselves in your material wherever they are. Of course they have to choose to listen to your material over their favorite oldies station, but thats really up to them isn’t it.

Keep in mind to keep your podcasts interesting *not just you talking for an hour.. that is not interesting! 🙂 no matter how interesting you think you are ** Utilize music and chunk the information. Your students will tune you out (whether they want to or not) after about 15 minutes of jabber.. so break it up some. Engage them with questions. Don’t be afraid to ask a question and be quiet for a minute. This works best if you have some music going in the background to keep their minds engaged and them thinking about what you just asked.

Most of all, have fun!! Your students will have more fun too if you do!

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About Michael T.

I'm a student in the Instructional Technology and Design Ph.D. program at Southern Miss. I'm also working as a multimedia developer at the Learning Enhancement Center on campus at Southern Miss. I'm married and have a 3 year old daughter. I enjoy all kinds of technology, but especially graphic design, interactive web (flash), and high quality multimedia (audio and video) technologies.

2 thoughts on “Podcasting

  1. Good idea in how to use Podcasting~ This assignment really made me feel not very good. I am a little bit confused about how could I use Podcasting in teaching if students do not like listening only…Yes, Break the information and engage with questions~ Some music is also helpful for students engaging the listening. In the future, if I could really have the chance to use Podcasting in teaching, I must try these techniques~


  2. Podcasting is fun and is changing education radically. With textbooks having Podcasts of chapter readings, and instructors recording lectures and sending out to students via RSS feed, the possibilities are limitless. Check out what MSU is doing with Podcasting and I believe you will be impressed. They have been podcasting their classrooms for about 5 years know and are way ahead of anyone I have seen.

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