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So.. a wiki.

I can remember not too long ago, when a wiki was almost a bad word. No one took the idea of a wiki seriously because no one (most likely) probably had no idea what a wiki was. The only experience anyone had with a wiki was Wikipedia and none of my professors wanted to admit that the collective intelligence of many peer reviewers could be relied upon as well as “MICROSOFT ENCARTA” DUM DUM DUMMMMMMMM.

Now Encarta is extinct, I’m not sure if Encyclopedia Britannic is around still or not, and Wikipedia is a vast and diverse wealth of information and knowledge.


Wikipedia = WikiWikipedia

Yes, Wikipedia is a wiki, but the Web is filled up with many many different types of wikis. My example at the top of this page is the beginnings of a Wiki for a game that I’m playing. I’ve seen many other types of wikis out there as well. A wiki is used whenever there is the need for many people to come together to share information and create a knowledge base together. The idea is that old adage that “2 heads are better than 1.” In the case of the wiki, many many heads/developers/editors/proof readers/publishers/etc. are better than 1 or a few.

Imagine this in your classroom or training session! Imagine taking your students from receivers to creators of their own knowledge and learning. A wiki is the perfect tool to allow them to do that.

don’t panic 


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About Michael T.

I'm a student in the Instructional Technology and Design Ph.D. program at Southern Miss. I'm also working as a multimedia developer at the Learning Enhancement Center on campus at Southern Miss. I'm married and have a 3 year old daughter. I enjoy all kinds of technology, but especially graphic design, interactive web (flash), and high quality multimedia (audio and video) technologies.

2 thoughts on “Wiki

  1. I agree with you that in classroom, we could take students from receivers to creators of their own knowledge and learning through Wiki.
    Wiki is really a perfect tool to allow the combination of teaching and learning. Not only for students, teachers actually could learn from their students! Inviting students to develop a learning wiki can let teachers know what students are interested in, what students need for points. Such kind of feedback from Wiki cannot be replaced by other teaching tools!
    I like Wiki!

  2. Wiki’s are awesome in the classroom for stimulating creative collaborative assignments. Our students love them and the teachers love them for the ability to track each student’s contributions to the assignment.

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