Slideshare is a “cloud” based presentation tool that takes your uploaded Powerpoint/Keynote/PDF presentations and turns them into a Flash based presentation. This alleviates hassle in a number of different areas:

  1. Everyone who has flash (and even some that don’t) can access your slide show
  2. You don’t have to worry about uploading/downloading your presentation at conference, in the classroom, at training
  3. You can easily narrate, incorporate Youtube videos, and add your slide notes as captions **ADA Compliant**

Think of Slideshare as a “Youtube” for Powerpoints and it will make more sense. I have used this tool for a while and have enjoyed it a great deal. Recently they made a change though that has all slowed my usage of the program dramatically. They began charging for “premium” features such as making things “unlisted”. Many times I want to upload drafts to share to others, but not to make public for everybody and their mama to see and I can’t do that now unless I pay for it. I’m not saying they shouldn’t charge because I understand that they have to eat too, but I just can’t afford to pay for everybody’s premium services so I’ve found other solutions.

I rely heavily upon Google Docs for sharing work between myself and my colleagues. I’ve also used Dropbox a great deal. I tried using Microsoft Sky Drive, but there is still a lot of bugs that need to be worked out before I can utilize that heavily.

What do you think? Do you have any other solutions I’m missing?

Here is my Slideshare presentation

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About Michael T.

I'm a student in the Instructional Technology and Design Ph.D. program at Southern Miss. I'm also working as a multimedia developer at the Learning Enhancement Center on campus at Southern Miss. I'm married and have a 3 year old daughter. I enjoy all kinds of technology, but especially graphic design, interactive web (flash), and high quality multimedia (audio and video) technologies.

2 thoughts on “Slideshare

  1. Slideshare~~ I find that after I know there is a thing called “Slideshare”, I prefer to it than powerpoint or prezi. There is another presentation tool, Empressr, which I presented for the Web 2.0 tool assignment, is also very good~
    Here is a problem when I uploading presentation to Slideshare. If I want to have the Slidecast, I cannot add Youtube video to the presentation; If I want to insert Youtube video to the presentation on Slideshare, I cannot use the Slidecast.
    Have you found this problem? I have tried several time…is it a bug of Slideshare?

  2. I do not like how with Slideshare you have to pick either audio or YouTube–but you cannot have both. Since I enjoy using both of these particularly for my online students–this creates a limitation. I had not considered the ADA compliance with Slideshare and that is a great point. Good Post.

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