Discussion #1 Chapter 16: Social Networks and Digital Natives

Literature Overview The chapter was a discussion about the current online phenomenon known as social networking. The reading introduced the concept of community and its relationship with social networking.  Community and social belonging is a concept that is as old as … Continue reading

A Little Bit About Me

I’m Michael Trest and a PhD student in the ITD program with an emphasis in Technology. I actually got into this degree in a round-a-bout way. My undergrad was in Psychology and my masters was in Education. I’d never taken any formal technology classes, but have always gravitated to multimedia and interactive tech. I’ve always been that guy in the building who everyone comes to for computer problems and such.

I began teaching 4 years ago and immediately tried to find ways to use technology as a tool to enhance my instruction and help grab (and hold) my students’ attention. I quickly found that technology could not be solely relied upon, but when it is combined with the traditional, proven methods of the past, instruction can become rich and powerful.

This course is particularly exciting to me because I’m going to be able to delve a little deeper into the world of mobile development. I’ve been interested in web development, digital art (photography/videography/design), and Flash development for quite sometime. I guess its needless to say that anytime I get the opportunity to play in new technologies I get very excited! I’m very much looking forward to developing content for mobile devices. I’m hoping to be able to go past the simple web elements that I’ve been so used to and dive deep into interactive and useful apps like you would download from the app store.

I’m excited about getting to know you all and learning about this content. Please let me know if I can help out any way and I’ll do my best to try!.