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**Please read the entire post. Important edit at the bottom**

I was extremely excited about using WordPress for this class’ blogfolio because I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it. I’ve got a friend who designs WordPress sites and he’s always going on and on about how amazingly customizable and intuitive the design and building process is. Well I’m very sad to say that the freebee blog side of WordPress is not what he was referring to. I have been extremely disappointed with the lack of customization options. I’ve used Blogger before and you’ve got the options to do whatever you want to any part of the blog for free. Here at WordPress I was left aghast to see that a user could view the CSS and preview the changes, but could not save it unless you pay 15 dollars. The fonts can only be changed on a few themes by using TypeKit and only in a few places.. .if you don’t pay. This seems pretty ridiculous to me. But I will say that WordPress is very easy to use… once you know where to look. Once again, it seems to be the whole Apple philosophy at work. “Make it easy by giving fewer options.” Personally, I don’t like that philosophy, because I generally learn by going in and breaking things then fixing them.

Enough of that.. because it’s counterproductive to the discussion and to my blogfolio. This class is going to be amazing and I’m already excited about the potential for mobile development and design. (For its faults, WordPress looks and feels great on mobile devices.. hmmm. I guess I should’ve thought about that before my rant). What are your thoughts? Do you like WordPress or not?

I’ve said it already a couple of times, but I’m not sure that I’ve explained what a “blogfolio” actually is. Imagine if your portfolio and a blog got together, hit it off on the first date, eloped and got married, and had a baby. Thats what a blogfolio is. A place that you can collect your experiences and display them for others to see and (hopefully) learn from your experiences. BUT teaching is only one side of the coin. Reflection is the other side. This blogfolio will serve me as well as being a place that I can come back to and look, remember, and learn about what I went through and what I discovered. It will serve as a reminder for me and a place that I can return to find new things.

So.. have fun 🙂

EDIT: I began playing with WordPress some more after my initial response and even though I am not happy with the lack of advanced editing capabilities, I am not so opposed to it anymore. I figured out how to utilize the pages features so this now functions more like a webpage while keeping all of the bells and whistles of a blog. I am much more pleased with this product now than I was when I wrote that original post

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About Michael T.

I'm a student in the Instructional Technology and Design Ph.D. program at Southern Miss. I'm also working as a multimedia developer at the Learning Enhancement Center on campus at Southern Miss. I'm married and have a 3 year old daughter. I enjoy all kinds of technology, but especially graphic design, interactive web (flash), and high quality multimedia (audio and video) technologies.

One thought on “WordPress blogs & about Blogfolios

  1. You are very good at applying CSS to those web-based sites. CSS does make blog much more professional and featured~ But it is not easy to everyone to follow~ 🙂
    Michael, maybe you could create a blog, teaching us how to use CSS from the very beginning to professional level~

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