Hello world!

An introduction to Blogfolio… Well I didn’t change the title for this post on purpose because I thought that it was very appropriate. A blogfolio in this context is bascially saying “Hello world! This is what I’ve done!” This will be the second one that I’ve made with Dr. Yuen and I’m excited to see the things that will be discussed in this class this semester. I hope that you find my experiences to be clear and understandable so that you may benefit from what I’ve learned as I’m sure that I will too.

don’t panic


p.s. my Introduction is actually another page called “bio”.. its up there at the top 🙂

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About Michael T.

I'm a student in the Instructional Technology and Design Ph.D. program at Southern Miss. I'm also working as a multimedia developer at the Learning Enhancement Center on campus at Southern Miss. I'm married and have a 3 year old daughter. I enjoy all kinds of technology, but especially graphic design, interactive web (flash), and high quality multimedia (audio and video) technologies.

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